Towing companies offer tips to stranded drivers braving slick roads

BOERNE, Texas – Hill Country residents are urged to stay home to avoid road problems like crashes due to slippery road conditions, with tow truck drivers saying they’ve been busy fielding calls for wrecks or even stalled vehicles.

Dylon Rainwater with Pantusa Towing & Recovery said it’s been a busy 24 hours, but he’s bracing for an even busier next few days starting Tuesday night.

“We have 30 to 40 calls going right now, and that’s just within this hour. We’ve had quite a few before that, and we’ll have a lot more after,” he said.

Rainwater urges drivers to avoid the roads if they can.

“We don’t normally get this kind of weather, so if you’re not used to it, it’s best just to stay off the road,” he said.

He said if drivers need help, the first thing they should do is pull over safely away from the highway. They should then call police if they need help.

“Make sure the driver is in a safe spot, whether it’s staying in your vehicle or getting out and get away from the vehicle,” Rainwater said. “If you’re on a side road, it’s probably best just to stay inside your vehicle just because of the warmth. It will help keep you warm for a little while.”

If possible, call your insurance company’s roadside assistance to figure out the tow company covered by your insurance, which may be cheaper than picking any towing company.

Drivers should remember to move over for emergency vehicles, including tow trucks with flashing lights.


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