Jurors unable to reach verdict after 11 hours of deliberations in Andre McDonald trial; Judge reads ‘Allen Charge’

Jury in Andre McDonald trial told to continue deliberations

SAN ANTONIO – After almost 11 hours of deliberations, the judge in the Andre McDonald trial read jurors the “Allen Charge.”

At about 2 p.m. on Friday, the jury sent a note to the judge indicating that they couldn’t make a decision on a verdict.

399th District Court Judge Frank Castro told the state and defense he was going to read the ‘Allen Charge’ to them, which the defense objected to and asked for a mistrial.

Castro denied the mistrial request.

The Allen Charge is the judge ordering the jury to continue deliberations. The charge applies further pressure on the jury to come to a decision.

It would be a big win for Andre McDonald and his defense team if the two-week trial ended in a mistrial.

The last major trial in San Antonio to end in mistrial was that of Mark Howerton, who was accused of the murder of Trinity University cheerleader Cayley Mandadi. Howerton was also represented by defense attorney John Hunter.

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