San Antonio pet owner reunites with missing dog after 7 years, ACS says

Scrappy is finally heading home after disappearing 7 years ago, officials said

Scrappy and Miss G are reunited after 7 years thanks to a pet microchip. (City of San Antonio Animal Care Services)

SAN ANTONIO – Scrappy indeed. A San Antonio woman was recently reunited with her beloved pet a full 7 years after he disappeared.

A small dog named Scrappy was turned over to San Antonio’s Animal Care Services last week after a local resident found him wandering and looking lost.

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“With matted fur, dry eyes, and a prominent limp, the resident knew Scrappy must’ve been away from home for some time and needed help. Little did they know how long,” ACS officials said in a Facebook post.

While the veterinary care workers at ACS took care of Scrappy’s mats, cleaned his wounds, and helped make him more comfortable, other ACS employees started searching for his owner using his microchip.

ACS officials called a woman, identified as Miss G, and let her know that her pet had been located.

According to the Facebook post, Miss G took a minute to register what was going on.

“What do you mean? Both of my dogs are – WAIT! Do you mean Scrappy?!”

ACS officials said Miss G was near in tears and said Scrappy had been missing for more than 7 years.

He still has some healing to do, ACS officials said, but he’s been reunited with his owner who never thought she’d see him again.

San Antonio law requires all dogs, cats and ferrets residing within city limits to be registered with a microchip. Residents can book lifetime pet microchips for free and anyone who lives outside the city has to pay a $5 service fee per pet for a microchip.

If you are concerned about your pet having a negative reaction to microchipping or you have questions about microchips in general, check with your pet’s veterinarian.

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