12 On Your Side: Super-duper discounts at liquidation stores, air fryer recall, dating app scam

This week’s consumer roundup from Marilyn Moritz!

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Happy weekend, y’all.

Now, this is my kind of winter weather. Sunny and seventies! It’s why we live here, right? You can keep the hail, though.

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Pretty soon it will be time for spring cleaning, yard work and the dreaded oak pollen.

If you’re in need of some tools to get the job done, or an air purifier, check out the discounts on some top-rated products here.

Speaking of sales, and I mean some super-duper discounts, you may want to check out some of the many liquidation stores around town. I visited a couple and found there are some deals to be had – but you do have to dig through a lot of a-hem stuff to find them. It can be an entertaining treasure hunt, though. You can check out what all the liquidation buzz is about here.

Have a Cosori Air Fryer? Two million of them have been recalled. Get this, there have been 205 reports of the air fryers catching fire, melting, overheating and smoking. Find out more about the recall here.

Finally, if you use dating apps, and a lot of people do, please beware of scammers. Some of these people are really good at slowly gaining trust and grooming their “prey.” A local kindergarten teacher shared what happened to her and it’s a pretty eye-opening lesson. Read more about it here.

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

Enjoy your weekend!


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