‘Small, airborne object’ spotted Saturday over South Central Texas, NORAD says

The object is believed to be a “hobbyist Pico balloon”

In this image taken from a video shot by Tom Medlin on June 11, 2022, a pico balloon, which costs about $12 and is about 32 inches in diameter, floats in the air near Collierville, Tenn. (Tom Medlin via AP) (Tom Medlin)

A “small, airborne” object was found over South Central Texas on Saturday, prompting an investigation from the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

The object is “likely a hobbyist Pico balloon,” according to NORAD.

Based on further investigation, NORAD said the object doesn’t pose an “immediate military threat or safety of flight hazard.”

NORAD is continuing to monitor the object with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

We’ll bring more updates to this story as they become available.

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Cody King is a digital journalist for KSAT 12. She previously worked for WICS/WRSP 20 in Springfield, Illinois.