How does road construction affect your daily life? What creative solutions have you found?

Navigating through the closures, confusion, and chaos of San Antonio’s road construction projects

Businesses along St. Mary’s applying for city’s construction recovery grants

The Alamo City is growing. And with that comes growing pains.

Over the last several months, KSAT has reported on San Antonio’s construction and how they are affecting businesses and homeowners.

Take the St. Mary’s Strip, a popular nightlife spot near downtown that has been under major construction for more than a year and has business owners concerned about their future.

Several other ongoing projects are happening in areas of downtown and north of downtown.

Some of them are planned to end in summer 2023, but not soon enough to get out of the way of one of San Antonio’s favorite events, Fiesta.

The road work is taking away a lot of parking and streets.

But the “party with a purpose” is going on, with city officials encouraging people to take advantage VIA’s “park and ride” service to get to those Fiesta favorites.

KSAT has put together a guide to road closures and parking for Fiesta 2023.

But it isn’t just construction that’s making a mess of commutes or that trip to the grocery store.

Repairs are also ongoing around the city - some that have been planned for a while and others that are not planned at all. Like the sudden sinkhole on Culebra Road that suddenly opened around lunchtime Friday.

Of course, the sinkhole on the West Side could also have an impact Fiesta traffic.

Parts of Culebra will be closed until those repairs are made. Oyster Bake is held every Fiesta on St. Mary’s campus, which could make a traffic headache for people who had that on their list of Fiesta fun. And for the people who have no plans to go but live in the area.

These are just a handful of things causing consternation for San Antonio drivers who must navigate through city streets as if they are running an obstacle course just to get to where they need to go.

Seasoned local drivers no doubt have come up with creative ways to do it.

So, tell us how you have done it. Share your solutions...

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