Yes, you can eat healthy on a budget. Start with a list.

Your freezer can help you chill your bill

SAN ANTONIO – The price of many groceries may be high, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on making healthy meals.

“Feeding my family healthy foods and not breaking the bank has been a challenge, especially over the last year,” said Natalie Marie Rowe.

The mom of two girls shares the nutritious meals she comes up with on Instagram.

Saving money starts before she even heads to the store.

It pays to plan ahead for the week and make a list to help avoid impulse buys.

Rowe’s launching point is the store sales.

“Look at the sales. I look at them. I write things down and then I create our weekly menu depending on what’s on sale,” she said.

Switching to store brands can mean savings over time.

“Consumer Reports’ testing found that they tend to cost between five and 72 percent less than the name brand products,” said Consumer Reports Trisha Calvo.

Their taste-testing experts found most of them tasted just as good as the name brand.

Another way to save? Fill your freezer.

“With frozen produce, you only have to take out as much as you need for that meal,” Calvo said.

And if meat prices are eating the family food budget, Consumer Reports suggests trying some plant-based proteins.

“Plant-based foods like beans and tofu tend to be less expensive than poultry, meat, or seafood,” said Calvo.

Finally, skip the pre-cut fruits and veggies from the store. Convenience comes at a cost.

Slicing and dicing them yourself will cut your grocery bill, too.

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