Man’s plans to hide from police in restaurant attic come crashing down

Suspect fell through ceiling

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police say a man’s attempt to hide from officers Thursday morning by climbing into the attic space of a restaurant fell through, in more ways than one.

The ceiling tiles gave out under the weight of his body, causing him to tumble to the floor of the men’s restroom.

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Police began searching for that suspect and a woman who was with him after they allegedly ran from the scene of a crash nearby.

Officers said the pair was in an SUV that ran a red light near Interstate 10 and Hildebrand shortly after 7:30 a.m. Their SUV then T-boned another vehicle, police said.

It did not appear that anyone was seriously injured.

Police say the pair ran from this SUV after it T-boned another vehicle near I-10 and Hildebrand. (KSAT 12 News)

Police say after the crash, the couple got out and ran away.

Officers were able to track the suspects to a nearby restaurant, El Puerto de Mazatlan, located in the 1400 block of Hildebrand.

Monica Carranza, whose family owns the business, says she noticed the couple as they rushed inside.

“They came, sat down. (A waitress) took their order. They got some tacos,” she said.

Carranza, meanwhile, got a phone call from police, asking whether she had seen the suspects.

She said a few minutes later, officers were headed her way, causing the suspects to try to hide within the business.

Carranza shared surveillance video, showing them scrambling toward a hallway where the restrooms are located.

“The woman hid in the girls’ restroom. She put her feet up, and then went ahead and closed the door,” she said.

The man, Carranza said, ran into a utility closet, then climbed into the attic space.

After he fell through the ceiling tiles into the restroom, he climbed back up and tried to hide again, Carranza said.

Officers said they found the woman right away.

Police handcuff the male suspect after pulling him from the attic space of this restaurant. (KSAT 12 News)

They had to climb into the crawl space to find the man.

A few officers were left covered in dust, while the restroom ceiling was left in shambles.

“He said his grandma was going to pay for it,” Carranza said, laughing. “We’re not too sure about that.”

Both suspects could have to pay with their freedom, though, for allegedly leaving the scene of a crash.

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