Fire chiefs across Bexar County develop strategy to combat wildfires

Fire leaders are urging fire safety amid dry conditions

SAN ANTONIO – Fire departments from Selma to Wilson County and Leon Springs to Helotes formed an east and west strike team of state-certified firefighters who are experts in extinguishing wildland fires.

ESD #10 Fire Chief Robert Hogan and other chiefs across unincorporated Bexar County had a strategy meeting during a group phone call this morning.

“Any grass fire that gets dispatched is automatically getting one of the strike teams dispatched as well,” Hogan said. “They know how to work together as a team versus a lot of just going around and putting wet stuff on the red stuff.”

Both strike teams were sent to the Bulverde fire where one home was burnt down.

Hogan said to protect your home from a fire, trim down any long grass within a 20-foot radius around your house.

“That barrier will help slow it down,” Hogan said.

Fire burns faster in longer grass.

“All it takes is a couple of minutes for that fire to multiply 25 times,” Hogan said.

Hogan is urging people not to toss cigarette butts out the window, don’t let chains drag behind your car and if you’re welding, keep a bucket of water nearby.

“We’re in extremely dry conditions right now and it’s going to continue to get worse with no rain in the forecast,” Hogan said.

Bexar County Commissioners are considering a burn ban as the fire danger continues throughout the weekend.

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