SAPD, arson investigators search for suspect in multi-structure fire that spread on West Side

Apartment complex, 3 homes were damaged

SAN ANTONIO – Authorities are searching for the person responsible for setting three fires that damaged five structures on the city’s West Side.

More than 30 SAFD units responded to multiple reports of fires at several structures in the 900 block of SW 36th Street at 12:45 p.m. on Sunday.

Upon arrival, units found a vacant apartment complex that held about 14 units fully engulfed in flames.

SAFD Chief Charles Hood said two other homes on the street were also set on fire.

Additionally, exposure from brush and fence lines left another home significantly damaged in the incident, along with a large metal building.

Investigators do believe the fires were intentionally set as they found points of origin in all three fires.

San Antonio police and Arson investigators are searching for a suspect, or suspects.

FULL VIDEO: SAFD Chief Hood provides information on multi-structure fires on West Side

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