Bexar County taxpayers set to give DA’s office over $52 million in proposed 2024 budget

The increase will include personnel pay increases and 11 new hires.

San Antonio – The Bexar County District Attorney’s Office is asking to receive over $1 million more in the upcoming 2024 budget, bringing the requested amount to $52,518,176.

Commissioners are set to vote on the final budget next year.

The increase will include personnel pay increases and 11 new hires. DA Joe Gonzales estimates his office handled more than 57,000 cases by about 200 criminal prosecutors.

Commissioners approved the hiring of 16 additional personnel in the previous budget to help the DA’s office catch up on the backlog of cases due to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. On Friday, Gonzales said his office is down about 20 prosecutors.

A KSAT Investigates report revealed earlier this year that his office had a large number of resignations. Gonzales told commissioners in April it was due to work overload and low salaries.

Commissioners later approved a pay increase for county employees.

In an earlier press conference, County Judge Peter Sakai told reporters he’s putting together a county-city commissioner to come up with solutions to keep violent criminals in jail.

“I want you all to understand this is a tough job and I’ve got a tough job to do and I’m going to do it,” Sakai said.

The committee is set to meet sometime after the budget is passed.

But Sakai wonders if recent policy changes made to reduce the jail population are to blame for the violent crimes against police.

A new state law forced Gonzales to do away with his “declination policy,” which turned away minor drug possession cases.

He enforced that policy four years ago.

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