San Antonio ISD moves forward with next phase of ‘rightsizing’ plan

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Independent School District is looking to close campuses as it struggles with low enrollment and insufficient money to support all the currently operating schools.

The district says it’s using a “rightsizing” plan to figure out how to best move forward with its goal.

Many staff and parents attended the final of 14 initial community input meetings.

Ariana Martinez, a specialist with the district and a parent, says she understands the plan, but there are still a lot of questions until the draft proposal is presented.

“I’m just more concerned about, like, how my kids, my students’ families are going to be affected by that,” she said.

Martinez said she has also heard from her peers, who have similar questions and concerns about job security.

“It’s not only about the students. It’s also thinking about their parents, like if they work in the community or they work at the schools. It’s it’s job security, too,” she said.

The district said the next step will be considering input gathered so far to develop a draft plan to be presented on Sept. 18.

The proposal of which schools to close will be presented to the board first for consideration. A round of community meetings will then follow to gather feedback on the draft proposal.

Based on that feedback, the school staff will present the final package to the board, which will vote on the full recommendation on Nov. 13.

The “rightsizing” would then begin the following school year. The district said there would be more meetings after that to acquaint the community and staff with the plan.

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