A source of neighborly debate: The boundaries of Alamo Ranch

Determining where this sprawling neighborhood begins and ends depends on who you ask

ALAMO RANCH – The boundaries of Alamo Ranch, which sits just outside of Loop 1604 in west Bexar County, are unofficial.

That’s as far as officials are concerned, anyway.

Several neighbors we talked to wish there was something a little more concrete.

“They used to use Sea World as kind of a landmark place to talk about,” said Gabby Mosqueda, director at large of the Alamo Ranch Community Association. “Like, ‘Oh, I’m out there by Sea World.’ But now it’s just, ‘oh, I’m in Alamo Ranch.’ But they could be talking about anywhere really between Potranco and Galm Road.”

Jordan Wagner, president of the Alamo Ranch Community Association, believes there’s an “Alamo Ranch Proper.”

“What I think is Alamo Ranch is from Westwood Loop to Tally and from Culebra — the inside of Culebra — to Wiseman,” Wagner said.

Alamo Ranch is within the jurisdiction of Bexar County, not the city of San Antonio.

The city looked at possibly annexing Alamo Ranch back in 2015.

It was listed as a “priority area” for annexation.

Back then, the city was looking at an area west of Westwood Loop and Lonestar Parkway stretching south of Wiseman Boulevard, west to Talley Road and north to Culebra Road.

That annexation didn’t happen.

Today, the city says it has no plans to annex Alamo Ranch.

Bexar County has a loose definition of the neighborhood boundaries based on the original plot of land submitted to the county for development.

But that was in 2004 and Alamo Ranch has exploded in the years since.

“Generally speaking, it’s going to be an area bounded on the north by FM 471 (a.k.a. Culebra Road), on the south by Potranco Road, and on the east by 1604,” said David Wegmann, interim director of Bexar County Public Works and County Engineer.

When it comes to Bexar County providing services for Alamo Ranch, the boundaries don’t make a difference.

“Everything in unincorporated Bexar County is handled by our service centers regardless of the boundaries set up by the plats or the master development plans,” said Wegmann. “It’s all unincorporated by county and we treat it all the same.”

For the boundaries of Alamo Ranch to become “official,” the neighborhood will have to be annexed or become its own municipality.

Looks like for now it will stay a source of neighborly debate.

“They have dubbed the Far West Side as being Alamo Ranch and they’re really not one in the same,” said Mosqueda.

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