Whataburger ringing in the New Year with new item — Whatawings

Whatawings will be bite-sized chicken dipped in popular Whataburger sauces

File: Whataburger (Whataburger)

SAN ANTONIO – Whataburger is kicking the new year off with Whatawings, adding several new flavors of bite-sized chicken dipped in popular Whataburger sauces.

Whataburger customers are no strangers to the variety of sauces offered to accompany burgers or chicken. The Honey BBQ sauce is a staple of the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich and the Honey Butter sauce also pairs with the Whataburger Chicken Biscuit.

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Next year, the all-new Whatawings will allow customers to enjoy the sauces on new chicken bites for a limited time.

Starting in January, Whatawings will appear at all Whataburger locations across the country in multiple flavors. Customers can spring for classic Buffalo or try the popular Honey Butter sauce on the new wings alongside other Whataburger flavors.

“The burgers that we create all always have a wonderful, unique signature sauce that that Whataburger is known for,” Whataburger Vice President of Strategy, Innovation, Supply Chain and Services Austin Crocker told the Business Journal. “Wings is a very natural extension for us. And we’re really excited about that product. Because we think that bringing to light those sauces in a wing will give customers a unique experience that they haven’t had yet.”

Whatawings will only be available for a limited time, although there is a possibility of them becoming a mainstay on the menu.

Whatawings will be available at all Whataburger locations on Jan 2, 2024.

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