Movie premieres, red carpets have SXSW fans flooding downtown Austin

This year’s SXSW promises fans exciting film and TV show premieres.

AUSTIN, Texas – South by Southwest (SXSW) brings you everything you could want in a city buzzing with people from around the world.

KSAT 12 has brought you to the technological innovations, music and podcast activations, and now we are taking you to the red carpet.

Film director Robbie Flores, from Eagle Pass, was invited to SXSW to premiere her movie ‘The In Between’ for the first time. She hopes it sheds new light on her hometown.

“The In Between is a personal documentary that centers around my life, me revisiting home,” Flores said. “My hometown (is) Eagle Pass, Texas. It’s on the Texas-Mexico border. After my brother died, (I) just (tried) to reconnect with his, with our memories of childhood and growing up and getting sort of, you know, lost in the present day experience of what it looks like to grow up on the border. When you see movies or television shows about the border, it’s always like the same type of narrative. It’s so much more expansive than that. I wish that this film and, you know, films by a lot of other border artists that have been coming out in the past couple of years and are coming out right now add to the expansiveness and the richness of our culture that goes beyond the single story that’s being told.”

“The film really is, for us, a reflection of ourselves and the way that we see ourselves in the way that we know our experience to be,” Flores said. “And for people (who) are watching (but) aren’t from the border, it’s an invitation to visit ... to be more curious and to get to have that great experience that we grew up with.”

Film lovers lined up for movie premieres, coming to Texas’ capital from all over the world to take in new experiences and learn from some of the industry’s best.

“I write freelance for film magazines back in the UK, so it’s just getting to see all of these things, all of these world premieres, it’s so exciting,” Leah Commandeur, a writer from London said.

”Honestly, I just like premieres,” Rober Schrembeck, a college student from Athens, Ohio, said.

”It’s been really great talking to people who also love film and people on the cast and crew of all of the movies,” Jarimar Fernandez, a first-time attendee from Florida said. The Q&As and stuff have been really cool to learn about all of the process of everything.”

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