12 On Your Side: Property appraisals, 99 Cents Only Stores to close, laundry detergent pods recall

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Happy weekend, y’all!

If you’re a property owner, expect your new appraisal next week.  Before you cringe at the thought, read on. The past few years, we’ve seen crazy jumps in valuations because home sale prices have soared.

Well, I met with Bexar County’s chief appraiser, who tells me the average increase is only 2.4%. That’s back down to earth. BCAD will mail out notices Thursday. If your value does not increase more than $1,000, you won’t get a notice in the mail. Of course, you can check BCAD’s website, too.

Another business bites the dust. It looks like inflation killed the 99 Cents Only Store. The company announced it’s closing all 371 of its stores, and that includes all five in San Antonio. Look for the liquidation sales. Of course, prices will come down as the days pass.

Use those convenient laundry detergent pods?  Procter & Gamble just recalled more than 8 million bags of Tide, Gain and others because the outer bag is defective. Here’s the deal: the detergent in those colorful pods is concentrated, so if a child were to put one in his mouth, it can be bad news. If you use any brand of laundry pods just be sure to keep them securely out of reach of children.  Yes, supervision is key – but kids do find ways to get into all kinds of things.

Happy weekend-before-the-eclipse!  I hope you have certified eclipse glasses so you can fully take it in.  Anything and everything you want to know about the eclipse is on our website – so check it out.

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