Boerne family organizing search party for missing pet monkey

The monkey named Cupcake disappeared from home April 25 in Cordillera Ranch

SAN ANTONIO – A local family is hoping for help from friends and strangers in finding their missing beloved pet.

The Boerne family’s 16-month-old Capuchin monkey, Cupcake, disappeared from their home in Kendall County about two weeks ago.

One of the owners spoke to KSAT 12 News by phone, wishing to remain anonymous.

She said Cupcake became startled and took off April 25 after the family’s dog came home from the groomer, sporting a new haircut.

“She thought it was a stray, an unknown dog, and she just spooked and ran through the gate,” the owner said.

Cupcake, on the right, is one of two monkeys the family owns. (KSAT 12 News)

By the time family members were able to chase after Cupcake, the nimble pet was long gone.

The woman said she believes the monkey is relying on her instincts to get by, most likely sleeping in trees at night and foraging for food in the daytime.

“She’s going to be eating bugs and berries, little lizards, any nuts she can find,” the owner said. “My children are in a lot of pain, and It’s really, really, hard to see. I search every day.”

The family also has been handing out flyers in their sprawling Cordillera Ranch community.

So far, they have received a few tips from people who spotted their pet nearby.

The most recent sighting was Thursday afternoon, about two miles from their home.

The owner said the family will be leading a search party at 1 p.m. Saturday.

With the help of friends and strangers, they plan to comb through areas within the 9,100-acre property where the monkey has been seen.

“This way, we’ll have people ahead of her, where she is, and behind her, hopefully, and someone will see her,” she said.

If all goes as she hopes, the owner may have her Cupcake back in time for Mother’s Day.

According to Kendall County Animal Control, there are no state or county laws against owning Capuchin monkeys as pets.

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