Former inmates, bail bondsman recount issues with new Bexar County criminal software system

Online system called ‘Odyssey’ has caused several issues at the Bexar County Detention Center

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – Issues persist for inmates at the Bexar County Jail due to a new online booking system called Odyssey.

A man who wanted his identity concealed because of his job said the friend who tried to bail him out of jail was told by the bail bond company that he wasn’t in the system. According to River City Bail Bond’s owner Clay Embrey, it’s a repeat problem bail bond companies are seeing.

“It goes down and comes back up and goes down and comes back up,” Embrey said. “So sometimes it’ll work, sometimes it won’t work.”

Former inmate, Layonte Hendry told KSAT it was a “hassle” trying to get out.

“Some people are in there for like four or five days,” Hendry said.

KSAT has heard complaints about the Bexar County Detention Center, including lengthy jail stays, a lack of beds and clothes, and a busy magistrate’s office.

Deputy Johnny Garcia with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday that they relocated inmates to Kerr and Burnet County jails because the Bexar County Detention Center is 98% full.

All issues stem from problems with the new online system.

“People are coming down here to try to get their loved ones out as quickly as possible,” Embrey said. “So we’re constantly explaining to them. It takes time. There’s a new system involved. We just have to try to be patient. But it’s hard for people to have patience when their loved ones are in jail.”


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