South Side publisher takes on new role as chief of marketing for high school mentorship program

The NAWBO-SA High School Mentorship Program is a six-month educational initiative designed to empower young women and cultivate entrepreneurship

April Monterrosa (Image courtesy of Live from the Southside)

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April Monterrosa, the esteemed South Side publisher, has recently been nominated and warmly welcomed as chief of marketing for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) High School Mentorship Program. This appointment is met with enthusiasm as Monterrosa embarks on a mission to utilize her platform, publication and community advocacy to narrow the gap for high school students across San Antonio, specifically focusing on the South, West and East sides, connecting them with invaluable opportunities.

The NAWBO-SA High School Mentorship Program, initiated in 1999 under the NAWBO-SA Foundation, is a transformative educational initiative spanning six months. Its primary objective is to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit among young women, equipping them with the skills necessary for financial independence and professional success.

The program’s influence is extensive, owing to the dedication of NAWBO-SA members, Wells Fargo representatives, educators, community leaders and corporate sponsors. Through interactive sessions, mentorship programs, and conferences, it empowers young women by furnishing them with the essential tools and knowledge for navigating business and entrepreneurship.

Monterrosa, a proud native of San Antonio, brings with her a wealth of experience and passion to her new role. As an entrepreneur, author, speaker and business mentor, she profoundly understands the requisites for success in today’s competitive landscape. Her journey commenced early on, working alongside her father in his plumbing contracting business, which instilled within her a robust work ethic and entrepreneurial mindset.

With over two decades of experience in the hospitality and spa industries, Monterrosa’s transition into media and publishing unfolded as a natural progression. She is the driving force behind Live From The Southside Magazine, the first woman-owned publication in South Side San Antonio, and The April Monterrosa on KLMO 98.9 FM, where she features inspiring Tejanos in business, entertainment,and community. Her media career, which commenced with a travel and lifestyle blog, has facilitated her connecting with diverse communities and sharing narratives of resilience, triumph, and empowerment.

NAWBO San Antonio Members (NAWBO SA Facebook Page courtesy of Live from the Southside)

Now, Monterrosa is positioned to inspire and empower the next generation of female entrepreneurs in her new role as chief of marketing for the NAWBO-SA High School Mentorship Program. Through her strategic initiatives and advocacy, she aims to dismantle barriers, foster innovation and forge pathways to success for young women across San Antonio.

Joining Monterrosa in her endeavors are esteemed colleagues:

  • Nancy Johnson, Foundation President
  • Martha Jordan, Foundation Secretary
  • Tracy Tylman, Foundation Chair of Outreach
  • Cynthia Beving, Foundation Treasurer

About NAWBO-SA High School Mentorship Program:

Established in 1999, the program is a six-month educational initiative designed to empower young women and cultivate entrepreneurship. It offers networking opportunities, interactive presentations, mentoring sessions, and business plan training, culminating in a Business Plan Competition with college scholarship prospects.

For more information about the program, visit NAWBO-SA High School Mentorship Program.

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