Laws penalize owners for leaving pets out in cold weather

SAN ANTONIO – Pet owners in some states could face fines and jail time for leaving dogs out in the cold.

While San Antonio does have laws that protect pets and other animals from abuse, the penalties are not quite as harsh. Citations are typically given to owners in violation of San Antonio's animal cruelty laws. 

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As the weather gets colder, however, pet owners need to make sure their animals are properly taken care of.

It’s important to bring pets inside as the weather gets frosty, as pets will be much safer indoors at those temperatures.

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Certain pets are more vulnerable to cold temperatures than others, including short-haired dogs, puppies, senior dogs and all cats.

Short-haired dogs may benefit from a sweater while outside to help fight the cold.

Dogs expend more energy just to stay warm when it’s cold outside, so adding a little extra food to their bowl is also a good idea.

Before heading out to warm up the car, bang on the hood a time or two. A warm engine can be a welcome spot for a cold cat, and the noise should scare them away before you start the engine.

San Antonio has laws that protect pets from neglect, including exposure to harsh weather.

Residents can report possible animal ordinance violations by calling the city’s 311 customer service line.