The Big Give 2020: Texas Chihuahua Rescue

Help build new cottage for senior dogs

SAN ANTONIO – It’s time for The Big Give 2020! The Texas Chihuahua Rescue is one of the great organizations you can help during this huge fundraiser for South Texas nonprofits.

The incredible growth at the Texas Chihuahua Rescue has allowed them to save more dogs every year. They don’t only help small dogs. At any given time you can find “honorary Chihuahuas” like Labradors, Pit Bulls or other big breeds playing along side the pint-sized pups or hitching a ride to Canada and a new home.

They’ve expanded to a second kennel, a second transport truck, and now the next big project is their Senior Care Cottage. Older dogs often take longer to find their forever homes, so the rescue wants to make sure their stay is a comfortable one. The cottage will be more quiet, peaceful, and comfortable space. They want it to feel as much like a home as possible. As great as they are hoping this new shelter will be, it won’t replace a forever home with a new family, so all these super seniors will still be available for adoption.

The Senior Care Cottage is the Texas Chihuahua Rescue’s big project right now, but there a big costs for everything they do from food everyday for every dog, spaying and neutering, medicine, and much more.

Here’s a link to give directly to the Texas Chihuahua Rescue through The Big Give.

Find other nonprofits you can give to here.

And give any time to the Texas Chihuahua Rescue here.

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