7 tips for the perfect holiday pet pics

Fun photo shoot with Petography S.A. & adoptable dogs from Texas Chihuahua Rescue

SAN ANTONIO – The holidays are a perfect time for family photos, but sometimes the furry family members won’t cooperate. Learn how to capture those special moments from the experts at Petography S.A.

1. Get on your pets level - Seriously... lying or sitting on the floor will give you the best angle and make the photo more interesting.

2. Toys & treats - Depending on what grabs your pets attention and plenty of treats and squeak toys on-hand. They might be what you need to get them to sit still long enough for that one perfect shot.

3. Get Help - If possible have a 2nd or 3rd person available. One person to hold the dogs leash and another to keep the dogs attention, while your snapping the photos.

4. Just keep shooting - Your pets will move around a lot, so you’ll need lots of choices to choose from.

5. Focus - Aim for your focus to be between your pets eyes and nose

6. Lighting- Natural light is the best and the “golden hour”, the period right before sunset is even more ideal. If you’re shooting inside be close to the largest window as possible.

7. Go for a run - Running out your pets energy before the shoot will help make them more cooperative.

If you still need help or maybe just want the best photos possible Petography S.A. would love to book a session with you. They are moblie and can come to your place or location you like. Check out more of their amazing work or contact them on their website or facebook page.

example from Petography S.A. (Copyright 2020 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

If you’d like to adopt the cute models from our photoshoot or see more of their friends looking for a home. Check out Texas Chihuahua Rescue.

example from petography sa (Copyright 2020 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

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