Weather by the numbers: How many more heat records can we break?

Heat this summer is rewriting the record books

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SAN ANTONIO – It seems like every day another weather record is broken by this brutal summer heat.

If you’re keeping tabs at home, here’s a list of some of the more notable records that have been set so far.

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Records that have been broken in 2022

  • Hottest May on record for San Antonio Int’l - We blew the old record, last set in 1996, out of the water— beating it by more than a degree. The overall temperature average for May 2022 was 83.0°. The average high temperature was 94.8°
  • Hottest June on record for San Antonio Int’l - The average temperature was 87.7°, beating the old record from 1990.
  • Most 100-degree days in June - June 2022 featured 17 days at 100° or higher. Every day was 91° or higher.
  • July 11th’s 107° ties for the 5th hottest temperature on record in SA, July 10th’s 106° ties for the 6th hottest all-time -These numbers were paired with highs of 110° in Del Rio, 111° in Cotulla, and 109° in Pleasanton on July 11th.
  • Thursday, July 14th marks the 14th 100° day in a row, the 3rd longest streak in San Antonio since records have been kept - In 2013 we had 15 days in a row, with the summer of 1962 giving us an astounding 21 consecutive 100° days in a row. That streak was broken on Friday, July 15, as we had some rainfall in the area and slightly more cloud cover that helped to keep us below those triple digits which only lasted for a day.
  • Longest duration at 80° or above - From 8 a.m. on Saturday, July 9 through 6 a.m. Thursday, July 14, temperatures stayed above 80° at San Antonio Int’l. This is the longest such streak since records have been kept for this statistic (1946).
  • Driest first half of the year, with only 5.12″ through July 19 - As of this week, 2022 has now gone down as the driest first half of the year, measuring only 5.12 inches of rainfall between January 1 through July 19. This stat is astounding because we can pick up over 5 inches of rain in just one event in San Antonio!
From January 1st to July 19th, San Antonio has only seen 5.12" of rainfall. (Copyright 2022 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

Records that are in jeopardy:

  • Hottest July on record for San Antonio Int’l - We are currently well ahead of pace for the hottest July on record, with an average daily temperature of 89.9°. The daily high temperature in July is averaging 101.8°
  • Most 100° days in a calendar year - San Antonio has recorded 39 days at 100° or above - where we are only three days away from bumping out the third-place holder set back in 2013 - and is well ahead of pace to beat out 2009′s 59 triple-digit days, barring any significant pattern changes.
  • Driest summer on record - This looks at the meteorological summer, using June, July, and August. As of now, San Antonio has only seen 0.64″ of rainfall between June and July. Unless we see 0.75″ between now and the end of August (which is entirely possible), then we’d beat out 2019′s driest summer.

Long way to go

We have a lot of summer left. In fact, San Antonio’s hottest temperature ever recorded took place in September measuring at 111° set back in 2000. It’s also worth noting that I wrote an article similar to this just a year and a half ago during February 2021′s big freeze, just with records on the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s been a volatile two years! Stay cool.

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