KSAT Weather: Clouds and drizzle are already coming back

Need some more sunshine? Forecast is not looking too bright

By Cole Vaughn - Weather Intern

SAN ANTONIO - Mother Nature has put in the order for South Texas weather this week.

Waiter: “What can I get for you?”

Mother Nature: “I’ll take a San Antonio Special with drizzle and sprinkles on top.”

Surely by now we’ve had enough of the drizzle and sprinkles. It’s beginning to feel like we live in a cake on which the baker has been very generous.

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Tuesday’s forecast

If only the drizzle and sprinkles in the forecast for Tuesday were as inspiring as baking sprinkles. 

The clouds, sprinkles and drizzle are back for Tuesday and are forecast to last through at least the end of the week. 

Temperatures will start Tuesday morning in the mid-40s and slowly rise to the 50s by the afternoon. It will be pretty chilly and an overall messy day.  

Wednesday’s forecast

Wednesday won’t be getting any better -- a carbon-copy of Tuesday with a little bit warmer temperatures. Our afternoon high will be in the 60s. 

Late-week cold front

A cold front is on its way for the end of the week, but it won’t be taking away the gray skies. In fact, it may actually help to boost our rain chances for the weekend. We’ll have more on this in the days ahead. Happy Tuesday!


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