SA firefighter suspended for admitted drug use

Documents: Engineer Emmett Guzman used marijuana

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio fire fighter was suspended for 75 days after failing a drug test and admitting he used marijuana.

A notice of indefinite suspension without pay to Engineer Emmett Guzman dated March 23 said Guzman was ordered to submit to a random drug test Jan. 25.

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"After receiving the order, Engineer Guzman informed his supervisor, Lieutenant Briones, that he did not feel well and was going off sick. He left his duty assignment without complying with the order to provide a urine sample," the document said.

A second notice of indefinite suspension without pay said the following day, Guzman submitted a urine sample. The document said both the initial drug screening test and the confirmation drug screening test were positive for marijuana use.

"The positive test result indicates that you used and possessed marijuana and, in fact, during subsequent interrogatories you admitted to using marijuana on or about January 22, 2016," the document said.

Chief Charles Hood reduced the indefinite suspensions. One was reduced to 30-days beginning March 25; the other was reduced to 45-days starting April 24.

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