Pothole Patrol crews ready to fix streets

Crews aim to repair 7,500 potholes citywide in April

SAN ANTONIO – If you don't like potholes -- and who does? -- the city wants to get rid of those unsightly eyesores in your neighborhood.

The city's Transportation and Capital Improvements Department on Tuesday debuted special Pothole Patrol crews at Roosevelt Park that plan to fix potholes as they spot them.

But TCI officials said they need residents' help in finding potholes.

"We can only take care of the potholes that we find. We know that there are more potholes out there. We're asking the public, 'You see a pothole, report it to 311, and within two business days, TCI is committed to getting out there and repairing all those potholes," said TCI spokesman Paul Berry.

A pothole resident survey showed that 80 percent of respondents who encountered a pothole didn't report it because most of them didn't know how to properly report them, Berry said. 

TCI aims to repair 7,500 potholes by the end of April.

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