Residents enjoy Saturday at Riverwalk after new state orders to reopen Texas

Residents have mixed feelings about opening certain businesses, but are enjoying outdoor activities.

San Antonio – Several people were out and about at the Riverwalk Saturday enjoying local businesses Governor Greg Abbott allowed to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of those people stopped to answer a few questions in the middle of enjoying time with their families.

How do you feel about being back out in public places after being at home for so long?

“It actually feels amazing,” said Erasmo Caovo. "I like It! I love it! I missed it.”

“Looks like things are picking up a little bit, which is good,” said one resident. “It is good to see everybody out and having a good time.”

“I haven’t exercised in a while, which I need to do, but it feels good,” said another resident.

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What things were you doing while you were stuck at home?

“Just drinking at home and work,” said Caovo.

“I was going crazy,” laughed Priscilla Gaitan.

“I’ve been playing my X-Box,” said another resident. “Fishing and stuff like that just to stay busy.”

What activities are you doing at the Riverwalk?

“Walking around and getting out of the house,” said Caovo.

“We came down here just to ride the bikes and check out the scenery,” said one resident.

“Just enjoying everything out in San Antonio,” said Allison Warren. “I wish we could do the boats if they were out, but we have just been exploring.”

Do you feel safe being out here like this?

“Yes, I do because of the environment,” said Gaitan. “Just got to do common-sense stuff. Like washing your hands every time you go somewhere or don’t touch your face.”

Do you think it is too soon to open businesses like malls and movie theaters?

“Yes, I think it is too soon for stuff like that,” said Gaitan. “I wouldn’t be too scared coming here because it is outdoors but as far as inside the mall I think I would have waited a little bit longer.”

“I think right now it is pretty fine,” said Warren. “We have done enough quarantine per se, but to keep us from turning into an epicenter, I think we do need to be extra careful and continue social distancing.”

“I think it is too soon, but like anything else, as long as everyone is taking proper precautions like that I think we can get by,” said one resident.

What is some advice you would give others as they begin leaving their homes?

“Have fun and live life,” said Caovo.

“Stay safe and wash your hands,” said Gaitan.

“Wear the masks like you are supposed to,” said one resident.

“If you are coughing, don’t spread it everywhere,” said another resident.

“Be with family,” said Warren. “And wear sunscreen!”

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