Restaurant, salon owners take action after new Bexar County executive order mandating masks in businesses issued

Businesses in San Antonio are adjusting to new changes as coronavirus surges

SAN ANTONIO – As soon as the owners of Luther’s Cafe heard about Bexar County’s new executive order, they posted signs on the restaurant’s doors on Wednesday.

“Once they’re in, customers inside our restaurant, they can sit back and enjoy their cocktails and their meal. But coming in and out of the restaurant, or if they’re walking around in the restaurant, they will need cover with a mask,” said Scott Lee-Ross, general manager of Luther’s Cafe.

As the novel coronavirus cases continue to rise in the county, Lee-Ross says everyone needs to do their part.

“I think it’s responsible to wear a mask. It’s not just about protecting yourself. It’s about protecting other people. And we want to protect our team members, as well as our guests,” Lee-Ross said.

New Bexar County executive order mandates face coverings at all businesses when social distancing is not possible

At Salon Visage, staff members wear masks and face shields.

“We also have our clients waiting in their vehicle, you know, before they call in, and then they get checked in. And then when they enter, there is a hand sanitizer, and we have the thermometer to check their temperature,” said Maria Antonietta Joeris, owner of Salon Visage.

Joeris agrees with the new order from the county.

“I agree with it 100%. I think that that should be the way it is overall because I think that’s the only way that we’re going to stay safe as a community,” Joeris said.

Joeris said the salon was closed for eight weeks during the pandemic, and they are not taking any chances.

“We’ve had a couple of clients that have had a problem with wearing a mask, and it’s, you know, they just feel like they shouldn’t have to while they are getting their hair done, she said. “They shouldn’t have to, but that’s the way it is today. So here, it’s not an option,” Joeris said.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has no problem with Bexar County’s executive order on face masks

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