Man crushed by big rig while filling tire on different vehicle

Victim tried to move but fell, deputies say

SAN ANTONIO – Bexar County sheriff’s detectives are investigating what sounds like a freak accident involving an 18-wheeler.

A man was crushed beneath the big rig’s tires Monday morning as he tried to fill up a tire on a piece of construction equipment.

Deputies were called to the site alongside Highway 90 just east of Highway 211 around 9 a.m.

They say they found out the man had been run over by the big rig which was parked at the time.

Investigators believe he was trying to use a hose on the truck to pump air into a flat tire on a front loader when something went wrong and the big rig began rolling.

They say the man attempted to move out of its path, but he fell and the truck ran over him.

“I really haven’t gotten close to it so I really don’t even know what happened or what’s going on. But from what I can it’s not good,” said Pete Zamora, the man’s co-worker.

Zamora said he rushed over to the site after getting a call about the accident.

He said he and the victim both work for a company that hauls dirt to and from that location.

According to both Zamora and deputies, the man was not the actual driver of the big rig.

Although the investigation is ongoing, deputies say it does not appear that anyone was behind wheel at the time.

“Things could happen, change in the spur of the moment. It was a tragic accident,” Zamora said.

As of late Monday, the victim’s name and age had not been released.

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