New group River Aid San Antonio forms, cleans Mission Reach

Group of environmentalists and volunteers formed to help keep San Antonio clean

San Antonio River Aid volunteers clean up trash on Mission Reach.
San Antonio River Aid volunteers clean up trash on Mission Reach. (Live From the Southside Magazine)

SAN ANTONIOEditor’s note: This story was published through a partnership between KSAT and Live From the Southside, a new local- and Latina-owned magazine that works to improve & expand community relationships through promoting events, stories and businesses.

If you were walking by an irreplaceable masterpiece of art and saw trash hanging from its easel, would you continue past it, or would you take the time to remove the blemish? Most of us, of course, would remove the garbage so we could, one and all, appreciate the masterpiece in its full glory.

Let me ask you a harder question: Why is the same reverence not taken with our rivers and creeks? They are certainly irreplaceable, they’re certainly enjoyed by all who visit them.

Maybe we can’t answer this latter question. However, a month ago a group of conversation-minded individuals decided to form River Aid San Antonio, and embark on a crusade to remedy this neglect.

Brought together by nothing but their love for the community and environment this diverse group is dedicated to a shared vision of a cleaner, more sustainable San Antonio.

River Aid began as a casual conversation between volunteers at Gardopia Gardens about a consistent trash pick-up, and an effort to make the biggest difference with a small group of weekend warriors.

After days of scouting, researching, and debating, it became clear to the group that the waterways of San Antonio served as magnets for our city’s trash.

The San Antonio River, and the creeks of San Antonio are consistently saturated with garbage due to runoff from storms and high pedestrian activity along their paths. The focus of their mission became a consensus, the group would take on stewardship of San Antonio’s waterways.