Police trying to find out who caused injuries to woman found at bloody East Side home

Woman’s children alerted police to bloody scene

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – San Antonio police are trying to figure out how a woman suffered stab wounds inside her East Side home early Tuesday.

They found out about it after noticing her three young children wandering down a busy East Houston Street around 3 a.m.

Police said the boys, who are 4, 5, and 8 years old, told them they were headed to their father’s house because their mother was dead.

With help from the children, officers found their home in the 1500 block of Upland Road.

Police said the apartment was covered in blood.

In a bathroom, they said they found the children’s 31-year-old mother lying in a bathtub with puncture wounds in her belly and lower legs.

She was rushed to a hospital to be treated for her injuries and the great loss of blood, police said.

A crime scene investigator places evidence collected from the apartment into her car. (KSAT 12 News)

Investigators were not able to determine who caused the puncture wounds because the woman was not cooperating, police said.

Police took temporary custody of the children.

However, they later said they had located family members, including the children’s father.

Donte Moore, who identified himself as a family friend, showed up at the apartment complex several hours later, looking for answers.

He said he had received about a dozen missed calls from people who were trying to alert him to the troubles.

“Once I answered my phone, I finally found out that something happened. I rushed over here. But that’s all I got,” he said.

Once Moore surveyed the scene in the daylight, it didn’t calm his fears.

Items that appeared to have been thrown out in anger were strewn about the parking lot near the woman's apartment. (KSAT 12 News)

He noticed items, including a broken chair and clothing, that appeared to have been thrown from the apartment in anger.

“All this is messed up,” he said, pointing to the pile of debris. “I really don’t know what’s going on. I’m going to find out because this is uncalled for.”

Police also are searching for information.

They’re trying to determine what, if anything, the children may have witnessed.

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