Panera Bread’s at-home chicken tortilla soup recalled due to possible contamination, USDA says

The affected soup products were shipped to Texas, Florida, and a few other states

Courtesy of Blount Fine Foods. (Blount Fine Foods)

TEXAS – If you’re a fan of Panera Bread’s at-home chicken tortilla soup, you may need to check your fridge.

Blount Fine Foods, based in McKinney, Texas, is recalling over 6,000 pounds of the soup due to possible contamination with pieces of a gray nitrile glove, as announced Thursday by the USDA.

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The recalled soup was produced July 1, 2021. The products have a lot code that reads, “070121-1V” and a “Use By” date of 9/9/21 on the label.

The USDA says the recalled soup was shipped to retail locations in Arizona, Florida, Georgia and Texas.

Blount Fine Foods was notified of the contaminated soup after having received several calls from consumers who claim they found pieces of the glove in the soup.

Though there haven’t been any confirmed cases of severe reactions to these contaminated products, the USDA says those who are concerned should contact a health care provider.

If you have one of the soup products that’s been recalled, officials say you shouldn’t consume it. Instead, throw it away or return it to where you purchased the soup.

To learn more about the recall, visit the USDA’s website here.

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