City of San Antonio to create emergency fund for flood victims, District 6 councilwoman says

Emergency fund available for residents who don’t have flood insurance, not eligible for FEMA assistance

SAN ANTONIO – District 6 Councilwoman Melissa Cabello Havrda said she’s been working with city staff to establish an emergency fund for people affected by flooding.

“I think that it will make a huge impact on those who fall within this gap, that don’t have other access to housing, to emergency funds, basic needs,” Havrda said.

Floods in July invaded several neighborhoods, including areas in Havrda’s district.

“Water came into people’s homes, some knee-high,” Havrda siad.

Havrda said beginning Oct. 1, there will be city funds available to help residents who don’t have flood insurance and are not eligible for FEMA assistance.

In the summer, rain water invaded Timber Park Street on the city’s Northwest Side.

A home security camera captured the scary moments unfold.

“The water came about halfway through my lawn and really hit my neighbor across the street,” said Henry Perez, a resident.

Perez believes the new program will help many residents in the future.

“For people who are on a fixed income, we need that help, and I’m really glad that she’s done that,” Perez said.

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