University Health chief medical officer offers answers to most-asked COVID-19 questions amid omicron surge

Dr. Bryan Alsip answers questions about boosters, testing and treatment

SAN ANTONIO – University Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Bryan Alsip, answered some of the most-asked questions about COVID-19 and the new omicron variant, which now accounts for a majority of new cases.

The first video in the player above contains answers to the following questions about omicron prevention and testing for COVID-19.

  • Why did the CDC shorten the time to 5 months between the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and boosters?
  • Is it true that cloth masks don’t protect you from the Omicron variant, only N95s do?
  • With more breakthrough infections, do the COVID-19 vaccines protect us from Omicron at all?
  • Some people are getting a second or even third booster shot – is this a good idea?
  • Is it possible we will need another COVID-19 booster soon?
  • Some parents still have concerns about vaccinating their children against COVID-19. What do we know about safety?
  • Is it true that COVID-19 home tests are more accurate when you swab your throat instead of your nose?
  • Can you test positive for COVID-19 on a PCR test if it’s really the flu?
  • How long should I wait after being exposed to COVID-19 to get tested?
  • What if I have COVID-19 symptoms but can’t get a test?
  • Can I go to an emergency room to get a COVID-19 test?

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In the second University Hospital video, Alsip answered the following questions about omicron infections and treatment:

  • How does Paxlovid, the Pfizer Covid pill, work, and when will it be available?
  • If someone tests positive and has no symptoms, how should they quarantine or isolate if they live with others?
  • Can you tell which COVID-19 variant you have from the symptoms?
  • How can you tell Omicron from the flu, or Omicron from seasonal allergies?
  • How much of a concern is “flurona” - co-infection with both COVID-19 and flu?
  • Can you get Omicron and Delta at the same time?
  • If Omicron is milder, shouldn’t we just get it and get it over with?
  • Do we expect this wave to be different from the last three?

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