NEISD community mourning two Johnson High School students killed in crash

Crash happened near the school entrance Saturday afternoon

SAN ANTONIO – It was a tough day returning back to school Monday for Johnson High School students after two of their classmates were killed in a fiery crash Saturday afternoon near the campus.

Melinda Cox is a parent of a Johnson High School student who was friends with one of the two victims.

Like many students on campus, Cox’s son has been deeply impacted by the news.

“I think children often cope in different ways,” she said. “They might not say anything or be very upset. That is one of the hard things is figuring out where each student is and try to provide what that particular student needs.”

She said as a parent, she too has been impacted.

“All of this was coming in through social media. And you are just hoping that none of it is real, but then you find out that it was real. Your mind kind of scrambles,” Cox said. “The first thing you think of is your family and friends and everyone involved. Also, this happened next door to our Bexar County Volunteer Fire Department. Those young men and women had been on our campus and worked with our students doing programs with kids. They know these kids and know this campus, and your heart just goes out to them having to do their job and do their job so close to home.”

She said shock is still the main feeling of emotion for most.

“Not only had we lost two of our Johnson students, but it literally happened on our front doorstep,” she said. “It will be a grim reminder everyday as these students pull into campus. They lost two of their classmates, so they will never really recover from that. But they need to know that this Johnson community is here for them.”

Cox said the loss is being felt all across the district.

“All of our students are great students,” she said. “I know it is a loss that is felt because they were engaged in so many different groups of friends and so many different activities and so many different parts of campus. It has a trickle-down affect because they were popular, fun, sweet, kind kids.”

Cox said she is thankful the district has stepped in with counseling efforts needed for students.

She also said they will continue to keep the families of the victims in their prayers and will help whenever they are needed.

Cox also said she hopes this loss encourages others to hold your loved ones close.

“Go home and be thankful for their family and friend and neighbors and classmates and just take care of each other,” she said.

At this time, the cause of the crash is still being investigated and details are very limited. The names of the students have not been released.

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