BASIS San Antonio math teacher and soccer coach recognized as Educator of the Month

Ryan Fink leads students both in and out of the classroom

SAN ANTONIO – Math equals “fun.”

That’s what the students in Ryan Fink’s classes at BASIS San Antonio Shavano Campus are saying.

Ryan Fink has been recognized as KSAT’S Educator of the Month and he said math is the “language of the universe”. He’s been teaching that “language” for the last 10 years.

“It’s a common ground,” Fink said. “Everybody on this planet has math and its logic. It’s analytical thinking.”

This is Ryan’s third year at BASIS San Antonio and his students say he has turned math into a “friendly competition.”

“He likes to do competitions with us and our class gets very competitive,” said Maddie Florence, a BASIS eighth-grade Algebra II student. “And, we all try to make sure we get the right answers, so we can win and so that makes class a lot more fun.”

From Algebra II to AP Statistics, Ryan Fink says he wants to make sure all his students not only get the practice, but understand the process as well.

“I make them show work on everything,” said Fink. “It’s the process that counts. I don’t care about the end solution. It’s great if you get there, but I care about how you got there.”

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Ryan Fink, Educator of the Month - December 2021

Ryan Fink is not only leading students in the classroom, he’s also making a difference outside of it. Fink coaches both the middle school and the high school soccer teams.

“It’s fun,” said Fink. “Last year, both teams made it to the playoffs. Middle school made it to the first round and the high school team actually made it to the regional finals last year, so it was very exciting for them.”

His students say they are also excited that their teacher is being recognized for his hard work.

“He definitely deserves it,” said Florence. “He definitely tries to go out of his way to make sure we understand things.”

“He’s dedicated himself to helping us achieve a lot,” said Clarissa McGhee, a BASIS 11th grade AP Statistics student. “Despite the advanced and challenging academics, he pushes us and encourages us to do our best.”

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