San Antonio teen follows her dreams, opens barbacoa business

A local teens dreams came true after opening a restaurant with her sister and parents by her side

SAN ANTONIO – It’s been a busy holiday season at Sarah’s Barbacoa restaurant off De Zavala Road near Babcock Road on the Northwest side.

“For the holidays we are selling tamales and menudo, barbacoa and of course, tortillas as well,” said Sarah Hernandez, CEO of Sarah’s Barbacoa.

When Hernandez was just 15 years old she decided to start this business to bring a touch of her home to this side of town.

“We put a lot of care and love into it. Like we want to show that we can use our own, like food and voice to spread like love,” Hernandez said.

The restaurant opened in March 2019.

Now 19 years old, Hernandez is the CEO of her restaurant Sarah’s Barbacoa.

Hernandez’s sister Rebecca, who is 23 years old, is the CFO.

“So our barbacoa cooks for about 13 to 14 hours overnight. That’s how long it takes to cook it, to get it to the perfection that it is,” said Rebecca Hernandez.

Sarah Hernandez says working with family makes this extra special and while it has been a roller coaster ride since opening, she’s glad she did it.

“Sometimes things don’t sell and sometimes we sell out the entire thing and it’s an interesting way to go through life. It’s an experience,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez has a message for other teens with big dreams.

“To believe in yourself, obviously, like your dreams can go far. And even with your family or with your friends or people that you trust, it’s possible to make your own dreams come true,” Hernandez said.

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