12 On Your Side: Facebook scams, recalls, diapers and college costs

This week’s consumer roundup from Marilyn Moritz!

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SAN ANTONIO – I hope your September is off to a great start. Now, if only the temperatures would get the memo and calm down!

When you’re scrolling away on Facebook, do you ever see those posts about a dog someone just found on the side of the road and they urgently implore you to share it to find the owner?

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Be careful. There’s a good chance it’s not what it seems. And, if you share it, you may be setting your friends up for a scam. You can see more about this bait-and-switch scheme that’s seeking a resurgence here.

High on this week’s recall list are chicken strips, specifically Banquet Frozen Chicken Strip meals. A consumer actually bit into a piece of plastic in one of the chicken strips and injured his mouth. We have more recalls to be aware of here.

Two subjects that are near and dear to new parents’ hearts:  diapers and college costs. Honestly, the first one is easier. We have the results of diaper tests –which ones keep the baby’s bootie the driest, here. Those diaper expenses can really add up, so we take that into account, too.

Now, college. A solid way to save for college is to open a 529 account. You invest and it grows –hopefully to enough to cover a chunk of that tuition. We have more about how it works here. The 529 accounts were a huge help when it came to paying for two in college at the same time!

Have a great weekend! Hopefully, it will be pumpkin spice weather soon enough.

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