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How Donald Trump, Joe Biden fared in different Bexar County precincts

Bexar County commissioner proposes mega voting centers
Bexar County commissioner proposes mega voting centers

SAN ANTONIO – With all the votes tallied in the 2020 presidential election, a clearer picture has emerged of how candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump did among voters in various parts of Bexar County.

President Donald Trump kept Texas red in November, but President-elect Joe Biden ultimately won the nation’s electoral college by a margin of 306-232, and the transition process formally began on Monday evening.

In a year of record-breaking turnout, Bexar County voters favored Biden, who won 58% of the vote with 448,452 votes cast for him. Trump won 40% of the vote in Bexar County, with 308,618 votes cast for him.

After certifying the results of the election, the Bexar County Election Department released a precinct breakdown of vote totals. Voters were counted in the precinct where they live regardless of where they voted, according to election officials.

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Trump fared better in the outskirts of Bexar County, like the far North Side and far East Side.

Biden, however, won the more densely populated areas of the county, including the suburbs that neighbor San Antonio like Balcones Heights, Leon Valley, Converse and Kirby. Trump did fare better in a few suburbs, like Windcrest, Hollywood Park and Shavano Park.

In total, 773,796 voters cast a ballot in Bexar County.

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