GOP state Rep. Kuempel headed to runoff against Schoolcraft in tight race for Texas House District 44

Texas House District 44 includes Guadalupe and Gonzales counties

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UPDATE 10 p.m.: In Texas House District 44, Republican state Rep. John Kuempel is headed to a runoff against Alan Schoolcraft. Kuempel was targeted by Gov. Abbott over school vouchers and Abbott backed Schoolcraft in the district that includes Gonzales and Guadalupe Counties. Kuempel received 46% of the vote while Schoolcraft edged him with 47%. That race will be one to watch during the May 28 runoff.

Schoolcraft released the following statement regarding moving on to the runoff:

From Day One, I have demonstrated that I am undeniably the real conservative in this race. Not a single moment have a I wavered from my dedication to faith, family values and conservative principles.

My opponent has proven he does nothing but waver. John Kuempel has continually proven that standing with Democrats on their agenda is more important than standing up for the district’s conservative values, for parents and children, and for opportunities for greater educational success.

That is why Governor Abbott and President Trump both expressed support for my candidacy very early on. They understand how important this election is for the future of Texas. Other great conservative Texas leaders like Senator Ted Cruz, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton, and Ag Commissioner Sid Miller also endorsed me in the fight to protect the conservative soul of this district.

“I urge every conservative of this district to stand up now in this runoff election and choose a true champion for their values.




John Kuempel*(R)
David Freimarck(R)
Greg Switzer(R)
Alan Schoolcraft(R)


A trio of Republican candidates have set their sights on the seat of long-time GOP state Representative for District 44, John Kuempel.

Texas House District 44 includes Guadalupe and Gonzales counties.

Kuempel, a Seguin native, has been a reliable Republican vote in Austin for 13 years.

That’s until last year when Governor Greg Abbott asked lawmakers to tackle school vouchers for Texas parents to help them pay for private school. Kuempel joined Democrats, and two dozen other Republicans, to torpedo Abbott’s school voucher push in April 2023.

Four special sessions later, no school voucher legislation made it to Abbott’s desk for him to sign, infuriating the governor, who promised to go after the rebellious Republicans in the March Primary election by supporting the challenger(s) over the incumbents. That includes Kuempel.

Three men threw their hats in the ring, to take on Kuempel. Greg Switzer, David Freimarck, and a former lawmaker who is coming out of retirement for this election: Alan Schoolcraft.

According to his campaign website, Switzer is a retired marine who served three decades. After he worked on number of political campaigns, including Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. More recently, Switzer worked on Don Huffines’ 2022 bid for Texas governor.

Freimarck lives and works in Guadalupe County in IT and communication services. He is a graduate of Texas Tech where he was a member of the Young Conservatives of Texas.

Schoolcraft served as a state Representative for districts 57 and 121 from 1981-1993, which is in Bexar County. He has been lawyer and businessman. He has not been in office since then, but has come back for this race, and has the endorsement of Governor Greg Abbott.

Political ads airing in this race have not always been for a particular candidate. Many of them have been against the incumbent, Kuempel.

Kuempel has fought back with ads of his own.

But this is looking increasingly like three against one, with the results on March 5 leaving two men out, and two men in a runoff for the Republican spot on the November ballot. And, if Abbott gets his way, John Kuempel will not be one of those men in the May 28 runoff.

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