Top earning 2018 YouTube star made $22M, is 7-year-old boy

Jake Paul second highest paid YouTube star

(Image via YouTube)
(Image via YouTube)

Forbes released its list of the highest paid YouTube stars for 2018.

The highest earner is a 7-year-old boy who reviews toys for the site.

Ryan ToysReview raked in $22 million, according to Forbes.

The channel has more than 17.3 million subscribers and its earnings have doubled over the past year,  according to Forbes. The channel was just started in 2015 by Ryan's parents.

Here is the rest of the top 10 YouTube earners of 2018. All earnings estimates are from June 1, 2017, through June 1, 2018.

2. Jake Paul made $21.5 million

3. Dude Perfect made $20 million

4. Dan TDM made $18.5 million

5. Jeffree Star made $18 million

6. Markiplier made $17.5 million

7. Vanoss Gaming made $17 million

8. Jacksepticeye made $16 million

9. PewDiePie made $15.5 million

10. Logan Paul made $14.5 million

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