'The Bachelorette' Blog: Rachel picks her prince charming in dramatic finale

Quest for love wraps up in Spain

SAN ANTONIO – Well folks, we have made it to the end of another season. I’m not even sure how to begin to unravel the craziness that was the finale.

I have to start by saying the format of this one was strange. For the first time, “The Bachelorette” was in the hot seat the entire time, watching everything with host Chris Harrison and a live audience. To top it off, the remaining three guys were also there live to react as it all unfolded.

I have to admit this took a lot of the fun out of it for me. Things just felt choppy going back and forth between the episode and their reactions. Maybe that’s why I’m having trouble being funny as I put this together. I can’t seem to find my witty voice.

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As for this final episode, it all came down to three guys, but I always had a feeling it was going to be Bryan, and I was right!

Eric was the first to go. Poor Eric. We all knew he wasn’t going to be “the one.” They had a connection, but let’s be real, they just seemed like good friends. I’m actually not quite sure why she kept him around as long as she did. This season, and this finale, was all about Bryan and Peter.

Speaking of Peter, that’s where things got crazy. He clearly had strong feelings for Rachel, he’s just wasn’t ready to propose. That was a problem because Rachel had to have a ring.

In his defense, Peter had been honest from the beginning. He always said he didn’t know if he would be ready to get down on one knee. Rachel was always looking for more. I’ve been trying to see both perspectives on this one and I’m still struggling to work it all out. While I admire Peter’s honesty, I can’t help but wonder why he came on the show knowing that could be the ending?

As for Rachel, she knew how he felt for a while but kept him around anyway. Did she really think she could change him? There were several other guys she could have kept around in his spot. I think they both had unrealistic expectations and hoped they could change the other’s feelings. Bad plan.

I could have told them that would only end in tears, lots of tears. Their farewell was brutal. Things got so rough she cried her fake eyelashes off. That’s right. You heard me. 

As if that wasn’t hard enough, their interaction during the live finale was also rough. Raw emotion and unfinished business dominated their conversation. Not to mention Peter couldn’t stop squirming in his seat. Maybe that’s because he said he still has feelings for Rachel? Yikes. Poor Peter. I couldn’t help but think she was kind of cold to him as they tried to sort things out.

Alas, not much was resolved and Peter couldn’t get off the stage quick enough. I can’t help but think he won’t have any trouble finding another special someone.

And then there was Bryan. I had a feeling he would be the last man standing. He had her heart, and her lips, from the beginning. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other in the finale. I thought it was a little strange they kept saying “I love you” over and over. It was like they were trying to prove they were madly in love. But who am I to judge their relationship? They’ve made it to the end and I wish them the best. I mean with Bryan’s good looks what could possible go wrong?

If I’m being 100% honest, I thought the best part of the finale was the preview for "Bachelor in Paradise!"

Some of your favorite contestants return for another chance at love as they get wild in Mexico. This season looks extra spicy!

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