Dad creates life-size 'Harry Potter' Diagon Alley in driveway

Diagon Alley is what dreams are made of

SEATTLE – One Seattle dad made all our "Harry Potter" dreams come true by creating a replica of the series' famed Diagon Alley.

Jon Chambers stepped up his Halloween game this year because he wanted more kids to come trick-or-treating on his street.

“I was tired of nobody coming down our street," Chambers told ABC News.

Chambers came up with the idea when talking to his daughters Avery, 7, and Haley, 11.

Neighbors helped chip in with supplies and helped Chambers build and paint the spellbinding scene in his driveway.

When the Seattle Diagon Alley officially opened to the public on Halloween, hundreds of children and adults entered through a magic brick wall and strolled past storefronts for Quidditch supplies and potions, just like in the book, reported.

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More than 3,000 visitors explored Seattle’s Diagon Alley in just two days.

Chambers encourages visitors to donate to pediatric cancer research.

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