Fans ready for US vs. Mexico friendly match

Thousands travel from all over U.S., Mexico for game

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Riverwalk was a sea of red, white, blue and green Wednesday morning.

Fans rooting for the Mexican national soccer team and the U.S. national soccer team traveled to the Alamo City to see history when the two teams face off Wednesday night.

Some fans traveled thousands of miles to be here -- from Denver to Baltimore and even Mexico.

"The passion, the passion brought me here," said Angel Padillo, from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

"The atmosphere of the whole thing," said Kevin Nice, a U.S. soccer fan. "Everything going on before the game during the game. (It's) a fun time."

Nice was decked out in red, white and blue, including a construction hat painted in U.S. colors.

The match has turned into a huge rivalry.

"(It's about) bragging rights," said Zach Plummer, a U.S. fan for Wisconsin. "You're going to have a huge crowd of Mexican fans and a huge crowd of United States fans."

The is no title on the line of any kind. The match is actually called a "friendly," but it turned out to be a little more than that.

"Against Mexico, it is not a friendly, it's never a friendly. It's all about pride," said Miguel Sifuentes, a Mexico fan from Denver.

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