Alamo Heights water well tests positive for E. coli

Well removed from service; boil-water notice not issued


SAN ANTONIO – An Alamo Heights ground water well has tested positive for E. coli, the city announced Thursday morning.

The well, located in the 6100 block of Broadway at the city's facilities, was immediately removed from service, the city said.

The well produces raw water, or groundwater that has not been treated or disinfected before entering the distribution system. The city said water coming from that well and others like it is treated and disinfected before it is distributed as finished water.

The city said the announcement is not a boil-water notice and Alamo Heights residents do not need to treat their water before they consume it.

The city is investigating the source of the E. coli, but past indicators have shown that "heavy rainfalls have contributed to positive E. coli in raw water samples," according to a city statement.

The city hopes to resolve the problem within the next 10 days.