Family's inflatable turkey stolen days before Thanksgiving

Other decorations were left behind in yard

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – A Houston area family near Mission Bend has already had their Thanksgiving holiday get off to a fowl start after someone stole a 6 foot tall inflatable turkey named Mr. Gobbles from their front yard.

"We wanted to take pictures at Thanksgiving, with the family," says Trisha, the homeowner who didn't want her last name used. "It's pretty disappointing that he's gone."

The family lives in the Great Oaks neighborhood near Mission Bend in Fort Bend County.

The one and only picture they have of the decoration was taken a few weeks ago -- before someone walked up and stole it from the front yard sometime Sunday night or Monday morning.

"You can see the strings where we had tied him down, they're still here," says Trish as she surveys the crime scene. "They're still staked down."

Mr. Gobbles had been in the neighborhood for just a little over two weeks but when you're a six-foot tall inflatable you leave an impression.

"Everyone drives by and sees our giant turkey in the morning and in the evenings," says Trisha. "And it just seemed like it was something special to do this year."

Even with the other decorations left behind the yard is pretty barren with the missing Mr. Gobbles gone.

Trisha and her family are hoping the thief will embrace the holiday spirit and reconsider their actions.

"We'd really like to have Mr. Gobbles back home. It's coming up on Thanksgiving and it'd be really great to have him back," Trisha says. "I'm sure he'd be pretty nervous out there, a lone turkey on Thanksgiving."

If Mr. Gobbles is not returned, Trisha's family is considering buying a new inflatable turkey but taking some security measures with it.

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