Dog likely to be put down after being sexually abused by owner, owner's girlfriend

Videos, custom items related to having sex with dogs found at home, police say

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AURORA, Colo. – A male Akita mix named Bubba, who also goes by the name Biscuit, will likely be euthanized after being sexually abuse by his former owner.

Frederick Manzanares, 51, was sentenced Tuesday to six months of jail time and two years of supervised probation after pleading guilty to two counts of animal cruelty in relation to Bubba’s abuse.

Manzanares’ former girlfriend, Janette Solano, was sentenced to 24 months deferred judgement for one count of animal cruelty, according to the Denver Post. Solano will only serve jail time if she violates any court restrictions during her deferred judgement period.

“This dog cannot safely be adopted. This dog cannot safely be transferred. This dog cannot recover,” Judge Cheryl Rowles-Stokes said.

A custom bench, designed by Manzanares, used to facilitate sex acts with the dog was found in a mobile home near Manzanares’ home, as well as hormone spray used to excite the dog, according to police.

Photos and videos were also recovered by police that show Solano having sex with the animal while Manzanares stood nearby.

“I know those desires are morally wrong and they will never manifest themselves again,” Manzanares said.

He asked to be allowed to help rehabilitate Bubba during his sentencing - a request the judge denied.

When Manzanares surrendered Bubba to animal control in July, he told officers he had concerns about the officers’ safety in handling the dog, according to the Denver Post.

“It is my opinion this dog is not a safe adoption candidate or transfer candidate based on the history, kennel behavior and continued increase in aggression observed daily,” Aurora Animal Shelter manager Jenee Shipman said.

Police were called to the couple's home in March 2017 by Solano, reportedly because the couple was arguing. Solano told police she was leaving Manzanares because he had been pressuring her to have sex with the dog.

She told police Manzanares had been sending her bestiality videos for six months.

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