Local nonprofit taking disabled individuals on hunting, fishing trips

SAN ANTONIO – Weston Jenkins and his cousin TJ love the outdoors.

TJ, who has muscular dystrophy, is able to hunt and fish because of the Disabled Outdoorsman organization that he inspired

Courtesy: Disabled Outdoorsman
Weston Jenkins and TJ
Courtesy: Disabled Outdoorsman Weston Jenkins and TJ

“I wanted an organization that represented what he stood for and to help others achieve what he’s done in the outdoors,” organizer Weston Jenkins said.

Jenkins came up with the idea while still going to school at Texas State University and has now made it his full-time job since graduating.

Since 2017, 14 outdoor trips have been taken.

As far as requirements for the program, anyone qualifies. It doesn’t matter what the disability is or where they come from.

Jenkins said they prepare for all trips depending on a person’s disabilities.

This past year, the organization was able to take a trip outside of Texas.

“We actually just opened up a chapter in Utah, and so one of the things we’re adding is shed hunting and ice fishing,” Jenkins said.

As the organization continues to grow, members look forward to giving more individuals the opportunity of a lifetime.

“When they think their life is over, it’s not over,” Jenkins said. “It’s just they’ve got to find a different way to do the stuff that they’d like to do, and that’s exactly what we’re here to do.”

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