12 things to look forward to in San Antonio now that we’ve made it to October

A meteor shower, pumpkin patches and tacos... just what we all need

Things to look forward to in Oct. 2020. (Pixabay)

SAN ANTONIO – Now that we’re past the first presidential debate in the year that feels like it won’t end - we have earned the right to celebrate making it to October.

2020 is not the kick-off to a new decade we were hoping for but thankfully there are some things to look forward to.

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San Antonio residents, in particular, have several things to be happy about this fall.

Here’s a list of some of the things we are looking forward to:

  1. National Taco Day - In San Antonio, we don’t need a holiday to celebrate tacos, but we’ll take it - especially if it comes with good deals and freebies.
  2. Halloween Movies - There are Halloween movies available on almost every streaming service and Freeform has started playing themed movies on it’s annual “31 Nights of Halloween” movie schedule with classics like “Hocus Pocus,” “Ghostbusters” and “The Addams Family.”
  3. Dia de los Muertos - This holiday honors deceased loved ones and has its roots in the indigenous cultures of Mexico and the Catholic faith. It’s celebrated from Oct. 31 through Nov. 2. KSAT will be announcing a Day of the Dead special that will air in Prime Time. By the way, if you want to know more about Dia de los Muertos - click here.
  4. Meteor Shower - The best time to watch the Orionid meteor shower will be after the moon sets Oct. 20. Orionids tend to be fainter meteors with long tails.
  5. Pumpkin patches - Pumpkin patches are a fall tradition that make for great social distancing and family outings. They usually pop up around San Antonio towards the middle to end of September and stay through the end of October. Fun fact - the heaviest pumpkin on record weighed 2,624.6 pounds was grown by Mathias Willemijns in October 2016, according to Guinness World Records.
  6. Trick-or-Treating - How can you celebrate Halloween safely in the San Antonio area? There are several options for trick-or-treating this year that don’t involve going door to door. You can hit up the San Antonio Zoo or SeaWorld San Antonio for trick-or-treating before the “big day.” Click here for 10 ways to celebrate Halloween in San Antonio while social distancing.
  7. Camping - This can clearly be done year-round but now that it’s officially fall the temperature in Texas slowly starts dropping. That means being outside is a little nicer for people who don’t feel like breaking a sweat. Wondering where to go? Here’s a list of 20 state parks for fall camping within a day’s trip from San Antonio.
  8. Rare blue moon - A blue moon will illuminate the sky on Halloween night. Full moons are typically separated by 29 days but most months are 30 or 31 days, causing a blue moon to appear, “on average, every two and a half years,” according to NASA.
  9. Tamales - Bill Miller Bar B Q rolled out this holiday favorite in August but as the weather gets cooler, tamale season kicks into high gear and we 👏 are 👏 excited.👏
  10. Thanksgiving - This year Thanksgiving falls on Nov. 26. The national holiday is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday in November. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is still on, according to the retailer. More details about the parade are forthcoming. Also, pie. 🥧
  11. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza - No matter what religion, if any, you are a part of it’s hard to deny something about the holiday season in December feels magical. From movies to hot chocolate to lights - there’s nothing quite like it.
  12. The end of 2020 - We’re all thinking it right?

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