West Side neighbors show appreciation for mailman as he retires

Air Force veteran Marcos Perez has been delivering to neighborhood for 28 years

SAN ANTONIO – You’ve heard the United States Postal worker motto — that couriers will deliver through rain, snow, sleet or heat. One San Antonio mailman has been doing just that, but with a smile on his face for 30 years.

For 28 years Marcos Perez has been delivering to the West Side Collins Garden neighborhood.

He’s more than a mailman — he has become a daily sign of hope — delivering mail with a smile and a positive attitude.

Perez has worked the neighborhood getting to know almost all of the residents from the 650 homes that he delivers mail to.

The Air Force veteran said he never requested to change routes, because he fell in love with the people.

Residents wanted him to know how much they love and appreciate his many years of service.

“Marcos is just one mail man that touches everyones heart,” said Cruz Martinez, one of Perez’s residents on his route. “He knows everyone’s name, he knows the grandkids and the great grandkids.”

Coming up tonight on KSAT12 we speak to Perez about why he loves being a postal worker and how he stayed positive even through inclement weather and some not so friendly dogs.

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